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Pete Murray Quotes

Pete Murray Quotes

We had been playing solidly for 18 months, everyone knows how to play together,”

“I'm a huge fan of Neil Young, and those great albums of his sound so alive. Many CDs today sound perfect, quite boring. I wanted to have that life in the songs. To me Feeler was quite a safe-sounding album. I was quite angry about that for a long time because I let it happen. Of course I judge it more harshly than anyone else; it's not a bad record. But I learnt I have to give more direction on what I want.”

“As an artist you have to have a direction, where you see your future is going, where your next album will go, how much you should change,”

“John Sattler asked me to come down and trial with the Gold Coast Giants when they first started after I finished school,”

“He said, 'We think you've got a lot of potential and what we'd like to do is put you up against Gene Miles, who was playing for the Broncos', and I said, 'No way, I'm out of there'. I don't think I was really built for the game but I've always followed it.”

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