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Pata Negra Quotes

Pata Negra Quotes

“My music feeds on the same old thing. I take music like literature, like poetry, like something pleasant that has grandeur. I like jazz the same as rock, as blues. Flamenco is my thing, but at the same time it’s everybody’s, it’s an ingredient that lets you approach every other type of music. I think if I’ve done it, everyone can do it. For my music, which is what I believe in, I like listening to Donald Fagen, Miles Davis or a good blues album. Today’s stuff doesn’t inspire me to make good music. I’m not saying it’s bad music. Each musician... has his own way of thinking, and I have mine”.
Rafael Amador

“The truth is that flamenco’s making good headway. They’re playing the guitar really well, they’re dancing damn well and they’re singing really well. It’s riding high. Now then, what I don’t like is with so much syncopation, people make mistakes; there has to be a base, a weight”.
Rafael Amador

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