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Paolo Nutini Quotes

Paolo Nutini Quotes

"I like music because… its expressive, you can convey whatever you're thinking through a song. And it's the best respite for me anyway to do it through music. So I like music because you can express and let your soul out through it."

Some songs started from a bass line, some started from having the full lyric and Jim, my drummer, who's also the first guy I've been in the studio with him since 16, sometimes he'd have an idea and I'd put a lyric to it and then the track evolves, there's no set way to write a song.

When we play Jenny Don't Be Hasty, that's cool because everyone really dances. It's between that and when we play Loving You, that's when you give it your all. Well you give it your all for all of it but that's like proper end singing with your full strength put in.

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