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Panic at the Disco Quotes

A brief history, um, well Ryan, Spencer and Brett were in a band for like three years playing pop-punk music and I joined like two years ago, I'm the newest member, and I just met the bass player by transferring high schools, and he just offered to let me play guitar for his band for a little bit, so I was playing back up guitar, then back up vocals then a month after that the band said that I was the singer. Good shit.

Um, I don't know, we've had a couple of favorite shows. I think the house of blues in Atlantic city was one of our best shows and Myrtle Beach as well, and I think on our second tour of the Fusion Tour, Minneapolis , Minnesota was a really good show for us.

Pretty much the last song of our first album is gonna be like the first song on our new album and we just want to kind of.we just don't want to be like labeled like dance punk, rock band or whatever, we want to go in a direction more towards the musical sense like theater, like orchestra stuff

Um, its probably true, when we wanted to change the band name, we really just thought that.actually its from a band called, "Name Taken" and they have a song called Panic as well and in the song it says "Panic at the disco" and it was kinda a toss up between that and The Smith's song that says, 'burn down the disco' and for whatever reason I mean we just thought panic at the disco sounded weird, where like you know, people might not get it but it sounds pretty funny and pretty weird, so we'll keep it.

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