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Oxes Tour Dates

Oxes Tour Dates

9/15/98 Christy's Place Roby Newton's Puppet Show 
10/30/98 Ottobar, Baltimore Collasamite, 90 Day Men 
10/31/98 MICA, Baltimore Denim Skeleton, Convocation Of... 
12/6/98 Ottobar, Baltimore Lux Aeterna 

1/13/99 Pittsburg, PA All The Quiet 
1/14/99 Bernie's, Columbus OH Tiara, Our Flesh Party 
1/15/99 Fireside Bowl, Chicago Don Caballero, 90 Day Men, Camera Obscura 
1/19/99 Ottobar, Baltimore French Mistake 
1/21/99 Bug Jar, Rochester, NY (first wireless show!) 
1/22/99 Worcester, MA Chillum, CrAzy MaN sOup 
1/24/99 Living Room, Providence Olneyville Sound System, Schlix 
3/12/99 Pittsburg, PA Cretia Bourzo 
3/13/99 Bug Jar, Rochester, NY Neutrino 
3/31/99 Ottobar, Baltimore Lustre King 
4/1/99 Khyber, Philadelphia Lustre King 
4/17/99 Ottobar, Baltimore Trans Am, Convocation Of..., Pines of Nowhere 
5/8/99 St. Johns College "Reality Weekend," Annapolis (on the sidelines, soundtrack to Spartan Madball game.) 
5/28/99 Ottobar, Baltimore Karma to Burn, Convocation From... 
5/29/99 Terrapin Station, Morgantown, WV Karma to Burn, Six Pac 
6/12/99 Manhattan Project, Baltimore French Mistake, Robots, Sonna, First Position 
7/2/99 Ottobar, Baltimore Arab on Radar, Love Life (ex-Jaks, UOA), Book of Dead Names 
7/3/99 120 Mallette St. Chapel Hill, NC Schlix, Book of Dead Names, 1919, some jerks 
7/4/99 Greensboro, NC 4th july super celebration, dude 
7/17/99 The Killtime, Philadelphia see link , Locust (i.ramos sprained his knee yo), Arab on Radar, etc... 
7/25/99 Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA Lynx 
7/29/99 Middle East, Boston, MA Lynx, Jet pack 
8/28/99 Ottobar, Baltimore U.S. Maple, Bad Blood, An Oxygen Auction 
9/3/99 Kelligan McCoy's, Fairmont, WV Karma to Burn (yikes) 
9/29/99 Ottobar, Baltisnore the Fuses, Croatan 
10/2/99 Fort Thunder, Providence, RI Dogg and Pony, Double Dong 
10/3/99 Sound and Fury Music, NYC Dogg and Pony 
11/13/99 Princeton, NJ@ Terrace Club Lullaby For the Working Class, Dogg and Pony 
11/19/99 Mr. Roboto Project,Pitts, PA All the Quiet, V for Vendetta, Weather Channel 
11/20/99 Columbus, OH @ 2074 Summit Ave. ? 
11/21/99 Knoxville @Electric Wizard goat shanty, the universal fears 
11/22/99 Chicago, IL @Fireside Bowl Hot Water Music, God's Reflex, Stillwell (early show) 
11/24/99 Cleveland @ Blind Lemon Morticia's Chair, Shovel Party (yeah yeah. Don't ask.) 
11/27/99 NYC somewhere in Brooklyn Arab On Radar, Miniwatt 
11/28/99 Boston @ Middle East The Katy Gaegans (m.of Wicked Farleys), Kolya, Bizmark 
12/8/99 Baltimore, Ottobar Slaves, V for Vendetta 
12/10/99 Sarah Lawrence College, NY Rapture, Dogg and Pony 

1/14/00 Ottobar, Bratmobile, MD Love Life, Dogg and Pony, Le Radio Ment 
2/17/00 Richmond, VA @Chopsticks Fin Fang Foom, Victoria Principle 
2/18/00 GO! Rehearsal, Chapel Hill Fin Fang Foom, Strunken White 
2/19/00 Winston Salem@ Warehouse Fin Fang Foom, Malabaster

2/20/00 Atlanta @ The Earl Plexorjet, Famous Mortimer 
2/22/00 Columbia, SC@New Brookland Tavern 
2/24/00 Gainsville, FL @ The Shed Bitchin', True North 
2/25/00 Orlando, FL @ Dante's Pistis 
2/26/00 Tampa, FL Best Boy Electric 
2/27/00 Gainesville, FL As Friends Rust 
2/28/00 Jacksonville, FL @ Jackrabbits True North, Fashoda 
3/1/00 Nashville, TN @ The End Empire #2 
3/2/00 Knoxville, TN @Third Eye Dark Logik, the Joshua Falken Trio 
3/3/00 Charlottesville, VA@Tokyo Rose Fin Fang Foom, Smart Went Crazy 
3/4/00 Greensboro, NC @ Onion Cellar Malabaster, Fin Fang Foom 
3/10/00 Ottobar, Balticore Lynx, Farm Team, Moviegoer 
3/11/00 Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburg Lynx 
3/12/00 Headliners, Louisville KT Lynx, Farm Team, Entertainment 
3/13/00 Columbus, OH @Bernies Party of Helicopters 
3/18/00 Austin, TX [Insound.com showcase] Tristeza, Macha, Album Leaf, Mercury Program, Love as Laughter 
3/24/00 New Orleans@Tipitina's Trail of Dead, Blacula

3/25/00 Tallahassee, FL @ Cow Haus Poster Children, Hybreed 
3/26/00 Cow Haus Trail of Dead 
3/27/00 Atlanta @ MJQ The Melts 
3/28/00 Winston-Salem@Wherehouse Chopstix, Fin Fang Foom 
3/29/00 Washington DC@Black Cat Poster Children, Q and Not U 
4/29/00 Reading, PA@ Bass Mint Q and Not U, The Afterglows, Jerome's Dream 
4/30/00 Baltimore @ Ottobar EARLY SHOW w/ Q and Not U, Charm City Suicides 
5/6/00 Princeton, NJ Shellac, Uzeda, US Maple, Arab on Radar, Seam, Paul Newman, Enemymine, Don Caballero, HIM, Dogg and Pony 
5/17/00 Richmond, VA@HoleintheWall (i forgot) 
5/28/00 SoWeBo Festival Aviary, 3HD, Convocation Of..., Vampire State Buildings, Motor Morons 
6/30/00 OTTOBAR Midiron Blast Shaft, Fuses 
7/10/00 Boston@ Middle East Pizza, Katie Geoghegans, the Movies 
BEGIN SUMMERTOUR2000 dude, that's 5 weeks we're gone! 
7/15/00 Richmond @ Hole in the Wall Charm City Suicides, Rams 
7/16/00 WinstonSalem@ Wherehouse Malabaster, Mercury Birds 
7/18/00 Knoxville @ Pilot Light Court and Spark 
7/19/00 Lewisville, KT@ Rudyard Kipling Starkiller, Glasspack 
7/20/00 Chicago@ Fireside Bowl Men's Recovery Project, Har Mar Superstar 
7/21/00 St Paul, MN@ Big V's Sicbay, MAd Trucker Gone Mad, Housebreaker 
7/23/00 Williston, ND Now She's Gone (?) 
7/24/00 Rapid City, SD good band I forgot the name of 
7/25/00 Bozeman,MT@ Filling Station forgot 
7/26/00 Missoula,MT@ Jay's Upstairs Bill and Ted 
7/27/00 Seattle, WA The Monitors, Last of the Juanitas 
7/28/00 Bellingham, WA I FARM 
7/29/00 Portland, LoJuanitas house Monitors and... damnit. (trying to remember from 4 months later) 
8/2/00 a greek named club, Portland Goudie (who REALLY SUCK, except for drummer) 
8/7/00 SF, CA @ Kimo's Replicator, Dilute 
8/8/00 Clairemont@ KSPC Radio radio show 
8/8/00 LA @ Silverlake Lounge 400 Blows 
8/10/00 Santa Ana@Koo's Cafe 
8/13/00 Lincoln, NE Spirit of Versailles 
8/14/00 Iowa City, IA@Gabe's USA/USA 
8/15/00 Iowa City @ Gabe's The Causey Way 
8/16/00 Normal, IL 303BAR open mic night, beyatch. 
8/19/00 House,. Annandale,VA The Others, White Octave (5pm-9:30pm) (sorry we couldn't stay!!) 
8/21/00 Chapel Hill, NC Milemarker (farwell to NC show), Malabaster 
END SUMMERTOUR2000 *whew, made it* 
10/8 Chicago @ Centrum Hall Shellac, Robbie Fulks 
10/13 Boston@Tufts University Dismemberment Plan 
10/20 NYC Brooklyn 996 Club Lightning Bolt, Burmese 
11/6 Goucher College, MD Wounds, Edie Sedgwick 
11/7 Philly hizzouse. !!!, 
11/12 Purchase College, NY i am ressurection 
11/13 U of Hartford, CT Jerome's Dream, um.. 
11/14 Fort Thunder, PR, RI !!!, Beautiful Skin, 90 Day Mennn 
11/20 NYC, The Cooler Monatrone, ABC trio, good keyboard with mime guy band 
11/27 Ottobar fake show, no other bands. filmed. 
12/1 Chicago, Empty Bottle Rocket from the Crypt, American Heritage 
12/3 East Lansing, Lower Level this is adelaide 
12/4 Ann Arbor, Pirate House(rulz) The Stryder (yeah!), Crash Kill Destroy, 
12/5 KEnt, OH Europe Gyro "New" Class Terror (!), Pankration (!) 
12/7 Syracuse, NY at Bob's house 
12/8 UMass @ Amherst Jerome's Dream, 
12/9 MassArt, Boston Jerome's Dream, Forx (!), 
12/10 71 Tawnaday, Providence LASTSHOW2000! with Jerome's Dream!! Bye! 

/2/01 Baltimore @Fletchers Farewell U.S. show w/ Karma to Burn & Woman 
2/7/01 Vera, Groningen, NTHLDS Les Savy Fav 
2/8 Amsterdam@OCCII Les Savy Fav, Feverdream 
2/10 Brussels, BG @ 4adclub 90 Day Men, Feverdream 
2/12 Dunkerke, France 
2/14 Highbury, LN @ The Garage Reynolds, Montana Pete 
2/15 Brighton, SX @ The Lift Montana Pete, The Oedipus 
2/16 Nottingham @ Bunkers Hill The Action Time, Clambake 
2/17 Dundee @ On Air East Laeto, Senator 
2/18 Glascow@ 13th Note Les Savy Fav 
2/19 Belfast, IR @Giros Kabinboy 
2/20 Dublin, IR @Whelans Redneck Manifesto, Damien Frost 
2/22 Leeds @ Brudenell Social Reynolds, Geiger Couner 
2/23 Birmingham @ Jug of Ale Geiger Counter, Calvados Beam Trio 
2/24 London @ The Spitz Geiger Counter, Month of Birthdays, Oedipus 
2/28 Hamburg@Hafenklang 
3/1 Hannover @ Cafe Glocksee 
3/2 Marburg @ Cafe Trauma 
3/3 Bielefeld @ AJZ 
3/4 Dresden @AZ Conni 
3/5 Berlin@ Kastanie 85 
3/7 Darmstadt @Oetinger Villa 
3/8 Geneva DeFacto 
3/9 Schio, IT 
3/10 Verona, IT 
3/11 Roma @ La Palma Club Karate 
3/12 Brescia, IT 
3/13 Finale Emelia (MO)@Zoo Arciclub 
3/15 Lyon, France 
3/16 Rennes, France Bambi Davidson 
3/17 Bourdeaux, France Will Oldham and the Oldman Shmucks 
3/18 [getting lost on freeways] 
3/19 Amiens, France Bambi Davidson 
3/20 Paris, France Bambi Davidson 
4/20 Purchase College 4-20 Party 2001 dude [first BASEMENT OXES show] 
5/6 Stroudsburg, PA !!! 
5/7 some rikkid sto' !!!, Hertzsprung Gap 
5/19 Ben Valis's Basement [as BASEMENT OXES], Padz (ex-Lynx), I Know the Password 
5/27 NYC @ Brownies Men's Recovery Project, Rah Brahs 
9/6/2001 Kings Lounge, Raleigh, NC Bance, Razzle 
9/7 THE EARL, Atlanta GA Remuxxers 
9/8 Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN Haggis 
9/9 Barretones City of Ghosts 
9/10 Secret Sailor Books, Bloomington IN tba 
9/12 Fireside Bowl Chicago Loraxx, Tale of Genghi, Amscray 
9/13 Empty Bottle Chicago Thumbnail, The Race, Volta Del Mar 
9/14 Cactus Club Milwaukee tba 
9/15 Harvey's, Kalamazoo, MI Convocation Of..., Trocar, Brewer 
9/17 Speak in Clevelandese, Cleve Land, middle america tba 
9/18 Robot Project, Pittsburgh, PA tba 
9/21 Middle East, Boston Superkillider, Destructathon 
9/22 Terrace Club, Princeton tba 
9/23 Brownies, NYC Coptic Light, Main Main, Honor System 
10/26 houseparty, Detroit [as basement oxes], Red or Dead 
11/10 Baltimore @ FRazier's 
11/15/2001 Rocket Bar, St. Louis Ring 
11/16 Hurricane, Kansas City Season to Risk 
11/17 15th St. Tavern, Denver Last of the El Caminos 
11/19 Jay's Tavern, Missoula Volumen 
11/20 Paradox Theater, Seattle Building Press 
11/21 Satyricon, Portland Pretty Girls make graves 
11/22 nowhere, brah. fucking thanksgiving, brazzuh. 
11/23 Placebo, Arcata, CA ? 
11/24 SF, CA @Kimo's Theory of Ruin 
11/25 Spaceland, LA, CA Stereo Blues 
11/26 Koo's Cafe, Santa Ana, CA Upsilon Acrux 
11/27 Casbah, San Diego, CA Upsilon Acrux 
11/28 Modified, Phoenix, AZ Cry Baby Cry 
11/30 Trees, Dallas, TX Man or Astroman?, Trans Am 
12/1 Engine Room, Houston TX Man or Astroman?, Trans Am 
12/2 Emo's, Austin, TX Man or Astroman?, Trans Am 
12/4 Circle Bar, New Orleans ? 
12/5 Thunderdome, Tallahassee Trans Am, Rye Coalition 
12/6 Orpheum, Tampa, FL Trans Am, Rye Coalition 
12/7 Polish American Club, Miami Trans Am, Of Montreal 
12/8 Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando Trans Am, Rye Coalition 
12/9 Jack Rabbit's, Jacksonville Trans Am, Rye Coalition 
12/10 the EARL, Atlanta, GA Trans Am, Rye Coalition 
12/11 Fat City, Charlotte, NC Trans Am, Rye Coalition 
12/12 Kings Lounge, Raleigh, NC Trans Am, Rye Coalition 
12/13 Ottobar, Baltimore Rye Coalition, New brutalism, Midiron Blast Shaft 

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