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Orgy Quotes

I always dressed funny or weird, if you want to call it that. It was always part of who I am and I dressed in my freakish way a long time before we ever thought about founding Orgy.
Jay Gordon

Yeah, I've always had a studio at my house, but now I'm actually building some dedicated rooms for it.
Jay Gordon

I really love movie soundtracks and stuff like that. That's really a huge part of any movie. I actually think about… that this would be cool in a movie or something, like when I'm writing a song, or something you know?
Jay Gordon

We really don't think about offering an image or having a certain concept about how we look or how we should look.
Jay Gordon

Gary Newman is the only artist all five of us like just the same. Funny enough, we've got really different tastes when it comes to music, but we all love Gary Newman.
Jay Gordon

It might sound strange, but in a way we do hate electronic music because it is a symbol for our cold, rotten and somewhat damaged time.
Jay Gordon

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