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Nudeswirl Discography

Nudeswirl Discography

Release Date: 1993

1 Gordon's Corner 5:52 
2 F Sharp 3:34 
3 Sooner or Later 5:09 
4 Disappear 5:10 
5 Buffalo 4:34 
6 Potato Trip 3:31 
7 Dogfood 4:04 
8 When I'm Dead 3:26 
9 Now Nothing 5:24 
10 Three 5:51 
11 Damned 4:37 
12 Ringworm 5:09 

Nude Swirl 
Release Date: 1989

A1 Fuck Sharp 
A2 Emily 
A3 Hand In The Mattress 
A4 17th Century Orgy 
A5 What She Wants 
B1 Toranamo 
B2 Sooner Or Later 
B3 Fire And Flames 
B4 Cigarette 
B5 Naked 

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