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Noreaga Quotes

Noreaga Quotes

I love Amsterdam. Only thing with Amsterdam is after a while you realize everybody's high. *laughing*

Well, what it is, is everything else that we've released, we kinda started from the bottom up. And we started this one from the bottom to the top, back to the bottom to the top and everything in between. I feel that's what's making the difference, because we're working a lot harder. And I'm feeling great about it, so I hope the world will feel it... and I'm focused. So that is the biggest difference from any of the other albums. This is the most focused album I've ever released.

Well, I have a whole lot of dot com interviews that I'm doing today. And each and every dot com that we're doing today has been particularly pointed out by the best dot com lady in the world. So we have a lot of important dot com interviews we're doing today. So, in particular, so if we're doin' a dot com today, and if they're involved in it, whoever we call, they are a very important dot com!

I smoke about 30-35 blunts a day, so I imagine he is trying to keep up with me.

Not happy with Tommy Boy, but extremely happy with Def Jam.

Yeah, Pun was a very close friend of mine, a very, very close friend of mine. I always kicked it with Pun.

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