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NOFX Quotes

NOFX Quotes

The punk scene is fine, alive and healthy. Bands like New Found Glory, Yellowcard and Good Charlotte, they are not in the punk scene. They are big pop bands, and there is nothing wrong with that, but bands like The Unseen, The Casualties, there are plenty of bands that are still playing punk rock and punk rock shows. Itís the same as itís always been, itís just some bands call themselves punk, and I donít know, maybe they are.
Fat Mike

I like bluegrass; Iím trying to learn to play the banjo.

I met Kerry two weeks ago and he is a pretty nice guy. All you want is a decent guy to be your president. He doesnít have to be a Ralph Nader, he doesnít have to be a great man. That would be nice, but you donít get that in democracy. When you have democracy you get mediocrity, and thatís okay. We got George Bush, who is not mediocre. He is a @#$%& F-.
Fat Mike

More people like it, I think the bands are better, and you can make money with it. But I think the spirit's still there.
Fat Mike (about punk today)

I have a great view from my house in San Francisco. I'm on the fourth floor, you can see downtown, you can see the bay bridge, Daly City, I've got a great view. And Jefe's got a nice view of the ocean. So the NOFX views, I've gotta say, are pretty cool. I think our views are much better than Rancid. They live in Berkeley and you can't see anything there.
Fat Mike

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