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Nine Inch Nails Profile

Nine Inch Nails Profile


Trent Reznor
Aaron North (Guitar)
Jeordie White (Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer)
Alessandro Cortini (Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass)
Josh Freese (Drums)

Former Members:
Jerome Dillon (Drums)
Alex Carapetis (Drums)
Robin Finck (Guitar, Synthesizer)
Danny Lohner (Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer)
Charlie Clouser (Synthesizer, Theremin)
Richard Patrick (Guitar)
David Haymes (Synthesizer)

Alternative rock
Industrial rock

Formed: In 1988, in Cleveland, Ohio

Name Game:
Band name references the story of Jesus' crucifixion with nine inch long spikes
Also Reznor stated that the name could be "abbreviated easily"

Debut Album: Pretty Hate Machine (1989)

Did You Know:
In 1997 Time Magazine included Trent Reznor on their list of 25 most influential people in America.

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