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Nate Dogg Quotes

Nate Dogg Quotes

Just hangin out, got my album coming out this summer, and then in the winter we droppin the 213 album, me and Snoop and Warren so we got a lot of stuff goin on.

I don't know that's there little personal thing, I don't really have a comment on that thing, because I'm not in that thing, If I was in that then I could say something, but I don't really know.

Because, if you ever been in the state pennitentary, you understand if you're not in something, then you stay out of it, you know and that's how I do.That's a easy way to stay out of it!

All about being Nate, all about making good music, and trying to feed my kids, and make the future for my childeren better, that's exactly what I'm about, and I'm about drinking now and then and girls and shit, you know!

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