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Nappy Roots Quotes

Nappy Roots Quotes

We all met in college, at Western Kentucky University, except for my man Big V, he like lived around the corner from us. Some of us had classes together; some of us were in the same dorm. Everyone just stood out as the premiere rappers for that year that came in.

It just comes from family, having a strong family background, having a strong support system. I think all of us (in Nappy Roots) came from strong families and strong homes. My father taught me the value of a dollar when I was 11. ?It comes and goes and it don?t grow on trees,? he said. It?s only money.

Energy. From start to finish, you get the Full Monty, Nappy Roots put it all on the line, we don?t leave without hitting all corners, and you have 6 guys working at one thing to give you the best show. That?s our claim to fame; I imagine we?ve got one of the top-ranked shows in the music industry right now.
Big V (on live shows)

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