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Murderdolls Quotes

Murderdolls Quotes

Its not really like a materialistic thing. It's just the fact that I get to go and play in front of a bunch of people that like appreciate what I do. With Slipknot and The Murderdolls, its just cool to have like the appreciation factor and the love of the fans is the best thing I can think of honestly.
Joey Jordison

We like to keep people on their toes and do different things. As far as toning it down, that will never happen.
Wednesday 13

It's been a great experience, every night we've been playing to no less than 10,000 people and the only problem was we had about 2 fans of those 10,000. We were there just going out for blood and trying to make new fans - a majority of those people did like us and the other part hated our guts and just wanted to see Iron Maiden.
Wednesday 13

I wrote a lot of stuff when we went home after Australia, I got about four or five songs out of that and considering we had another six before that and Joey's got other songs so I'm hoping to have 20 or 30 songs for the next record.
Wednesday 13

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