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The Murder City Devils Discography

The Murder City Devils Discography

Release Date: 2003

1. Bear Away
2. I Drink the Wine
3. One Vision of May
4. Midnight Service at the Mütter Museum
5. I Want a Lot Now
6. Rum to Whiskey
7. Dancin' Shoes
8. Waltz
9. Dear Hearts
10. That's What You Get 
11. Idle Hands
12. Boom Swagger
13. Dance Hall Music
14. Cradle to the Grave
15. Murder City Riot
16. Press Gang
17. Broken Glass
18. 18 Wheels
19. Grace That Saves

In Name and Blood
Release Date: 2000

1. Press Gang
2. I Drank the Wine
3. Bunkhouse
4. Idle Hands
5. Rum and Whiskey
6. I'll Come Running 
7. Demon Brother
8. Lemuria Rising
9. Somebody Else's Baby
10. In This Town
11. No Grave But the Sea
12. Fields of Fire

Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts
Release Date: 1998

1. I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)
2. Dancin' Shoes
3. 18 Wheels
4. Left Hand Right Hand
5. Ready for More
6. Cradle to the Grave 
7. Dear Hearts
8. Hey Sailor
9. Johnny Thunders
10. Stars in Her Eyes
11. Another Round on You
12. Every Shitty Thing

Murder City Devils
Release Date: 1997

1. Dance Hall Music
2. It's in My Heart
3. Boom Swagger Room
4. Get off the Floor
5. Flashbulb 
6. Broken Glass
7. Murder City Roit
8. Sick of Dreaming
9. Make It on My Own
10. Tell You Brother

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