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Moth Discography

Moth Discography

Immune to Gravity
Release Date: 2006

1 Helpless 
2 Revolution 
3 Girl on Girl 
4 Sticks and Stones 
5 Perfect 
6 Supermodel 
7 Immune to Gravity 
8 Constantly On 
9 Put Her Down 
10 Shock City 
11 How Could You?

Provisions, Fiction and Gear
Release Date: 2002

1 I See Sound 
2 Thinking Please 
3 Hearing Things 
4 Burning Down My Sanity 
5 Last Night's Dream 
6 Leftovers 
7 Lovers Quarrel 
8 Cocaine Star 
9 Plastics Campaign 
10 Sleepy 
11 Straight Line 
12 Not Really

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