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Monty Are I Quotes

Monty Are I Quotes

The worst tour experience I can remember was pretty much every night
of Warped Tour--the days were long, hot, hard, and tiring but they were
exciting and rewarding all the same. But to have to work insanely hard
for 12 hours in the hot sun, and then drive all night in a conversion
van--there's not much worse than that. Not being able to sleep, shower,
or eat regular meals every day was brutal.

Best part about making a record is watching your vision and hard work
come to life. Nailing that perfect take, finding that perfect sound,
hearing all the tracks come together piece by piece. Being part of a
long, difficult process makes the end goal that much more rewarding.

Best part about being in a band is making real, meaningful connections
with real people on a regular basis. Being able to create something
special, that will last forever, that we're 100% proud of. Having the
ability to affect other people the way that our favorite bands have
affected us. Literally--traveling, meeting new people, and being
creative for a living.

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