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The Monkees Discography

The Monkees Discography

Live Summer Tour
Release Date: 2003

1 Into - Last Train to Clarksville 
2 Valleri 
3 Randy Scouse Git 
4 Mary, Mary 
5 Girl 
6 Can You Dig It 
7 Goin' Down 
8 Daydream Believer 
9 I'm a Believer 
10 (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone 
11 For Pete's Sake 
12 That Was Then, This Is Now 
13 Porpoise Song {Theme from 'Head'} 
14 It's Nice to Be With You 
15 Pleasant Valley Sunday 

The Monkees Talk Downunder
Release Date: November 4th, 1997

1 Sydney Press Conference 
2 Balcony Appearance Interviews 
3 Individual Sydney Interviews 
4 Melbourne Press Conference 
5 Melbourne Hotel Interviews 
6 Sydney Hotel Interview 
7 Davy Plays D.J. 
8 Monkee Mike Pontificates

Release Date: 1996

1 Circle Sky 3:33
2 Never Enough 2:58
3 Oh, What a Night 3:13
4 You and I 2:57
5 Unlucky Stars 3:11
6 Admiral Mike 3:23
7 Dyin' of a Broken Heart 3:09
8 Regional Girl 3:16
9 Run Away From Life 2:43
10 I Believe You 3:41
11 It's My Life 3:41
12 It's Not Too Late 4:03

Pool It
Release Date: 1987

1 Heart And Soul 
2 (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World 
3 Long Way Home 
4 Secret Heart 
5 Gettin' In 
6 (I'll) Love You Forever 
7 Every Step of the Way 
8 Don't Bring Me Down 
9 Midnight 
10 She's Movin' in With Rico 
11 Since You Went Away 
12 Counting on You

Release Date: 1970

A1 Oh My My 3:02
A2 Ticket on a Ferry Ride 3:29
A3 You're So Good to Me 2:33
A4 It's Got to Be Love 2:24
A5 Acapulco Sun 2:54
A6 99 Pounds 2:28
B1 Tell Me Love 2:38
B2 Do You Feel It Too? 2:37
B3 I Love You Better 2:27
B4 All Alone in the Dark 2:52
B5 Midnight Train 2:07
B6 I Never Thought It Peculiar 2:28

The Monkees Present
Release Date: 1969

A1 Little Girl 2:00
A2 Good Clean Fun 2:19
A3 If I Knew 2:22
A4 Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye 2:20
A5 Never Tell a Woman Yes 3:48
A6 Looking for the Good Times 2:04
B1 Ladies Aid Society 2:41
B2 Listen to the Band 2:45
B3 French Song 2:24
B4 Mommy and Daddy 2:13
B5 Oklahoma Backroom Dancer 2:34
B6 Pillow Time 2:32

Instant Replay
Release Date: February 15th, 1969

A1 Through the Looking Glass 
A2 Don't Listen to Linda 
A3 I Won't Be the Same Without Her 
A4 Just a Game 
A5 Me Without You 
A6 Don't Wait for Me 
B1 You and I 
B2 While I Cry 
B3 Teardrop City 
B4 The Girl I Left Behind Me 
B5 A Man Without a Dream 
B6 Shorty Blackwell

Release Date: December 1st, 1968

A1 Opening Ceremony 1:20
A2 Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head") 2:56
A3 Ditty Diego (War Chant) 1:24
A4 Circle Sky 2:31
A5 Supplicio 0:48
A6 Can You Dig It 3:23
A7 Gravy 0:06
B1 Superstitious 0:07
B2 As We Go Along 3:51
B3 Dandruff? 0:39
B4 Daddy's Song 2:30
B5 Poll 1:13
B6 Long Title: Do I Have to Do This All Over Again 2:39
B7 Swami (Plus Strings) 5:21

The Birds, the Bees & the Monkees
Release Date: April 22nd, 1968

A1 Dream World 3:16
A2 Auntie's Municipal Court 3:55
A3 We Were Made for Each Other 2:26
A4 Tapioca Tundra 3:03
A5 Daydream Believer 2:58
A6 Writing Wrongs 5:06
B1 I'll Be Back Up on My Feet 2:32
B2 The Poster 2:16
B3 P.O. Box 9847 3:18
B4 Magnolia Simms 3:45
B5 Valleri 2:16
B6 Zor and Zam 2:08

Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.
Release Date: November 14th, 1967

A1 Salesman 2:03
A2 She Hangs Out 2:33
A3 The Door Into Summer 2:50
A4 Love Is Only Sleeping 2:28
A5 Cuddly Toy 2:45
A6 Words 2:48
B1 Hard to Believe 2:33
B2 What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round? 3:02
B3 Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky / Pleasant Valley Sunday 3:30
B4 Daily Nightly 2:26
B5 Don't Call on Me 2:28
B6 Star Collector 3:30

Release Date: May 22nd, 1967

A1 You Told Me 2:24
A2 I'll Spend My Life With You 2:26
A3 Forget That Girl 2:26
A4 Band 6 0:41
A5 You Just May Be the One 2:04
A6 Shades of Gray 3:23
A7 I Can't Get Her Off My Mind 2:27
B1 For Pete's Sake 2:11
B2 Mr. Webster 2:05
B3 Sunny Girlfriend 2:33
B4 Zilch 1:06
B5 No Time 2:09
B6 Early Morning Blues and Greens 2:35
B7 Randy Scouse Git 2:40

More of the Monkees
Release Date: January 10th, 1967

A1 She 2:27
A2 When Love Comes Knocking (At Your Door) 1:45
A3 Mary, Mary 2:13
A4 Hold On Girl 2:23
A5 Your Auntie Grizelda 2:28
A6 (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone 2:24
B1 Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) 2:10
B2 The Kind of Girl I Could Love 1:50
B3 The Day We Fall in Love 2:20
B4 Sometime in the Morning 2:26
B5 Laugh 2:24
B6 I'm a Believer 2:41

The Monkees
Release Date: October 10th, 1966

A1 (Theme From) The Monkees 2:21
A2 Saturday's Child 2:45
A3 I Wanna Be Free 2:27
A4 Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day 2:39
A5 Papa Gene's Blues 2:00
A6 Take a Giant Step 2:31
B1 Last Train to Clarksville 2:48
B2 This Just Doesn't Seem to Be My Day 2:09
B3 Let's Dance On 2:32
B4 I'll Be True to You 2:47
B5 Sweet Young Thing 1:58
B6 Gonna Buy Me a Dog 2:44

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