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Moist Quotes

Moist Quotes

We're finding that these songs on record are a little more dense and textured than our previously recorded stuff, but we find as we're playing them live, they're taking on a different sort of life. They are becoming little ententes in a different kind of way than they were as recorded versions. MM- It's been very much a process of re-learning the material and re-arranging it for live shows. I think that's made it all very interesting. It's been an interesting challenge because pervious to this most of our material was a live song then recorded, where this is recorded songs and we're converting them to be appealing live.
Jeff Pearce

Everyone's expecting you to fail. After a successful first record you do face this whole sort or softmore stigma thing. It really puts the pressure on the record company and you put the pressure on yourself. Everybody has sort of set these expectations and there's a whole different world. It's like ok we've moved on to this next level where you can just get down to making music.
Mark Makoway

We found ourselves in a position where we could take liberties and decide that we wanted to fool around with different things, even though we didn't know all the time how we were going to pull them off live. We sort of decided we wouldn't worry about that. (laughs) We would worry about that when it actually came time to play the songs live and just have fun with different textures and different sorts of musical ideas.
Jeff Pearce

Neil Young is a Canadian rock icon. We're all big fans. I think anyone who grows up and learns how to play guitar in Canada is a Neil Young fan to some extent. It was a great privilege being on that tour.
Jeff Pearce

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