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Moffatts Quotes

Moffatts Quotes

A couple of years back we were introduced to America doing country, and now we are getting introduced doing pop-rock music, so people are just starting to recognize us. When you go to Europe and Asia, if we walk down the street we get recognized time after time, but it is fun to come back to a country where no one really knows us yet. But all over the world the fans are very supportive. They usually go crazy when we go out there and sing.

We started writing a really long time ago. Scott wrote his first song when he was six or seven years old. I mean, it wasn't that great or anything, but we keep on writing.

We weren't great songwriters at the time and our dad used to help us write the songs, but now we write the songs basically by ourselves.

When we did concerts, we didn't play any instruments. We just stood at the front of the stage and sang and danced. We had a band that backed us up. And our last tour of America we wanted to move and experience something new, so we went for the instrumentation aspect.

We know that is what they are going to put us in, but if it wasn't for those magazines then we wouldn't have had the head start that we have had. Even before our record was released and anyone knew about us, they were giving us a shot in the U.S. Our music is what is going to show what is different.

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