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Modern English Discography

Modern English Discography

Everything Is Mad
Release Date: March 19th, 1996

1. The Planet 
2. That's Right 
3. Waves (When I Cum) 
4. Heaven 
5. I Can't Breathe 
6. Here We Go Again 
7. I Don't Know Anything 
8. Elastic 
9. Film One 
10. The Killing Screens 

Pillow Lips
Release Date: May 21st, 1990

1 I Melt With You 3:56
2 Life's Rich Tapestry 4:05
3 Beauty 2:26
4 You're Too Much 2:29
5 Beautiful People 3:10
6 Care About You 2:56
7 Let's All Dream 2:35
8 Coming Up for Air 3:42
9 Pillow Lips 3:30
10 Take Me Away 3:45

Stop Start
Release Date: 1986

A1 Border 4:04
A2 Ink & Paper 3:58
A3 Night Train 3:10
A4 I Don't Know the Answer 3:08
A5 Love Breaks Down 5:29
B1 Breaking Away 4:00
B2 Greatest Show 4:52
B3 Love Forever 3:16
B4 Start Stop Stop Start 5:45

Ricochet Days
Release Date: November 16th, 1984

A1 Rainbow's End 3:06
A2 Machines 5:39
A3 Spinning Me Round 4:50
A4 Ricochet Days 5:13
B1 Hands Across the Sea 4:53
B2 Blue Waves 4:00
B3 Heart 6:58
B4 Chapter 12 3:57

After the Snow
Release Date: May 3rd, 1982 

A1 Someone's Calling 4:01
A2 Life in the Gladhouse 5:54
A3 Face of Wood 5:56
A4 Dawn Chorus 4:43
B1 I Melt With You 3:51
B2 After the Snow 3:51
B3 Carry Me Down 5:24
B4 Tables Turning 4:33

Mesh and Lace
Release Date: April 6th, 1981

A1 16 Days 
A2 Just a Thought 
A3 Move in Light 
A4 Grief 
B1 The Token Man 
B2 A Viable Commercial 
B3 Black Houses 
B4 Dance of Devotion (A Love Song)

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