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Mob Rules Tour Dates

Mob Rules Tour Dates

03.11.07 Heule, Belgien, Ontmoetingscentrum de Vonke Lagaeplein 24th, 8501 Heule-Kortrijk 
07.07.07 Bad Arolsen Magic Circle - Festival 
28.06.07 Wilhelmshaven Wochende an der Jade 
03.06.07 Osnabrück, Lagerhalle with UFO 
04.05.07 US-San Fransisco Bar Fest Bay Area Rock Fest 
17.03.07 SWE-Stockholm, The Arena with UFO 
16.03.07 SWE-Götheborg, Tradgar´n with UFO 
14.03.07 SWE-Malmö, KB with UFO 
13.03.07 DK-Kopenhagen, Pumpe Huset with UFO 
10.03.07 Münster, Sputnikhalle 
05.03.07 Hannover, Musikzentrum with UFO 
04.03.07 Berlin, Columbia Club with UFO 
03.03.07 Worpswede, Musichall with UFO 
02.03.07 Bad Salzungen, KW 70 with UFO 
01.03.07 Hamburg, Fabrik with UFO 
26.02.07 Hamburg, Headbangers Ballroom with Masterplan 
23.02.07 Bremen, Aladin with Masterplan 
10.02.07 Oldenburg, Amadeus 

Fr. 08.12.2006 Hamburg. Headbangers Ballroom 
Fr, 01.12.2006 Marl, HOT Hagenbusch 
Sa. 25. 11.2006 Spaden Tribute To Rock 
Sa. 11.11.2006 Nordenham, Jahnhalle 
So. 05. 11. 2006 Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei 
Fr. 03.11.2006 Aschaffenburg, Colosaal 
Do.. 02.11.2006 Pratteln, CH, Z7 
Mi. 01.11.2006 Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn 
Di, 31.10.2006 Bochum, Zeche 
Mo. 30.10.2006 Bonn, Klangstation 
Fr. 27.10.2006 Bremen, Tower 
Sa. 05.08.2006 Pratteln, CH, Z7 Metal Dayz-Festival 
So. 30.04.2006 Osnabrück, Hyde Park with Rage 
Sa. 29. 04. 2006 Bad Zwischenahn 

02.09.2005 Deichbrand Festival, Cuxhaven 
06.08.2005 Wacken Festival 
08.07.2005 FH Festival, Wilhelmshaven 
07.06.2005 Osnabrück, Hydpark with Dio 
04.06.2005 Twistringen, Open Air 
21.05.2005 Bremen, Wildeside Festival with Domain, Eternal Reign, Galloglass, Corssbow, Davidis 
08.05.2005 Fulda, Alte Piesel with Domain and Lunatica 
07.05.2005 Wetzikon (CH), Kulturfabrik with Domain and Lunatica 
06.05.2005 Pratteln (CH), Z7 with Domain and Lunatica 
05.05.2005 Eloyes (F), Espace Culturell with Domain and Lunatica 
04.05.2005 Heidelberg, Schwimmbad Music Club with Domain and Lunatica 
03.05.2005 Frankfurt, Sinkasten with Domain and Lunatica 
02.05.2005 München, Garage with Domain and Lunatica 
01.05.2005 Reichenbach, Die Halle with Domain and Lunatica 
30.04.2005 Verviers (B), Spirit of 66 with Domain and Lunatica 
29.04.2005 Oldenburg, Charly´s with Domain and Lunatica 

16.12.2004 Leer, Zollhaus 
06.11.2004 Nordenham, Jahnhalle 
15.10.2004 Emden, Alte Post 
01.07.2004 Wilhelmshaven, Südstrand WADJ 
18.06.2004 Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk Releaseparty, Among The Gods 
15.06.2004 Hannover, Labor 
13.06.2004 Hamburg, Headbangers Ballroom 
12.06.2004 Papenburg, Wasserwerk 

28.11.2003 Hamburg, Docks with Helloween and Rage 
27.11.2003 Köln, Live Music Hall with Helloween and Rage 
26.11.2003 Lichtenfels, Stadthalle with Helloween and Rage 
03.11.2003 München, New Backstage with Helloween and Rage 
02.11.2003 Osnabrück, Hydepark with Helloween and Rage 
24.10.2003 Berlin, Halford with Helloween and Rage 
22.10.2003 Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn with Helloween and Rage 
25.04.2003 Osnabrück, Works W:O:A Roadshow 
24.04.2003 Hannover, Faust W:O:A Roadshow 
23.04.2003 Bochum, Zeche W:O:A Roadshow 
22.04.2003 Nürnberg, Hirsch W:O:A Roadshow 
21.04.2003 München, Metropolis W:O:A Roadshow 
20.04.2003 Salzburg (A), Rockhouse W:O:A Roadshow 
19.04.2003 Wien (A), Planet Music W:O:A Roadshow 
18.04.2003 Innsbruck (A), Hafen W:O:A Roadshow 
17.04.2003 Pratteln (CH), Z7 W:O:A Roadshow 
16.04.2003 Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik W:O:A Roadshow 
15.04.2003 Kassel, Musiktheater W:O:A Roadshow 
14.04.2003 Hamburg, Markthalle W:O:A Roadshow 
04.04.2003 Sande, JZ 

22.12.2002 Bochum, Zeche with Doro 
21.12.2002 Herford, Kick with Doro 
15.12.2002 Lyon (F) with Shaman 
14.12.2002 Paris (F) with Shaman 
13.12.2002 Nancy (F) with Shaman 
04.10.2002 Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk Releaseparty Hollowed Be Thy Name 
01.08.2002 Bochum, Zeche with Savatage 
31.07.2002 München, Backstage with Savatage 
29.07.2002 Aschaffenburg, ColosSaal with Savatage 
22.06.2002 Brande/Hörnerkirchen H:O:A Festival 

31.03.2001 Paris (F) NTS-Festival 
24.02.2001 Wien (A), Planet Music with Company Of Snakes 
23.02.2001 München, Metropolis with Company Of Snakes 
22.02.2001 Pratteln (CH), Z7 with Company Of Snakes 
21.02.2001 Aschaffenburg, ColosSaal with Company Of Snakes 
20.02.2001 Bochum, Matrix with Company Of Snakes 
18.02.2001 Nürnberg, Hirsch with Company Of Snakes 
17.02.2001 Bonn, Harmonie with Company Of Snakes 
16.02.2001 Hamburg, Grünspan with Company Of Snakes 
15.02.2001 Braunschweig with Company Of Snakes 

18.11.2000 Sande, Bürgerhaus Releaseparty Temple Of Two Suns 
02.08.2000 Wacken Wacken Open Air 

22.05.1999 Wiesmoor, Freilichtbühne with Scorpions 
07.05.1999 Kiel, Pumpe with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
30.04.1999 Lübeck, Rider´s Cafe with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
29.04.1999 Rendsburg, Garage with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
24.04.1999 Leer, JZ with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
23.04.1999 Emden, Alte Post with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
22.04.1999 Hamburg, Knust with Ivory Tower and Morder One 
16.04.1999 Bremen, Meisenfrei with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
27.03.1999 Sande, Bürgerhaus with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
26.03.1999 Bad Zwischenahn, Stellwerk with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
20.03.1999 Nordenham, Jahnhalle with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
19.03.1999 Delmenhorst, Villa with Ivory Tower and Murder One 
13.03.1999 Uelzen, Jugendtreff with Ivory Tower and Murder One 

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