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Misha Mengelberg Quotes

Misha Mengelberg Quotes

I didn't want to become a musician. I wanted to become an architect. It's a nice profession. My grandfather was an architect, so it's also a family trait, I think. I started studying architecture, but then suddenly the virus took me, and I stopped, and went to the Conservatory in The Hague. I didn't study piano; I never wanted to practice. I studied musical theory,classical counterpoint, things like that. I liked that very much. I was already composing, so I was also in the composition class there.
Misha Mengelberg

I remember listening to music in a London disco some six or seven years ago, and there was only a rhythm box and there was a scratcher. I loved the combination, it was very essential, very good. Well done. Dance music brought back to a kind of essence. Very good. Excellent. But having grasped that idea is enough, I think... you donít have to buy any records of that. It doesnít go any further. People going to a disco donít need any more than something like that.
Misha Mengelberg (about techno)

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