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Michelle Branch Quotes

Asked how can a guy get her attention: "Well, you know that thing where you always want what you can't have? I like guys who are taken. I can't help it. It's the guy who's not paying attention to you. That just kills me."
On her weird obsessions: "This is going to sound stupid, but I have a pirate fetish. It started when someone in my band hurt their eye and had to wear an eye patch. I realized that I always thought pirates were sexy."
"People have this notion of me being this sweet, nice girl, but I'm kind of a pervert. We'll be on the tour bus, and me and my makeup artists will be watching porn. Everyone thinks about sex, so why are we pretending that we're not?"
“With me, what you see is what you get.?
"Music has always been in me. When I sing, I have a sense of peace, I feel like my brain turns off, and I become the core person of who I am - the essence of me. I feel connected to whatever is out there. It's almost like I leave my body and get to watch."

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