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Mercy Me Quotes

Mercy Me Quotes

Christmas is such a huge part of our lives and our most favorite time of the year, so we felt this was something we really wanted to do. The Christmas album is something weíve always wanted to do, and the window opened, and we were like, you know what, if weíre ever going to do this, now itís time. We recorded most of it during Christmas 2004 so we could be in the mood, and then ended up having to finish it in July with the a/c turned up and the Christmas lights on. If you look around, there are very few artists who get to do a Christmas record, but we thought, "If we can do one, what would it be like?" So we jumped at the opportunity.
Bart Millard

Our whole intention was to make a record of songs that we grew up with and change them up a little bit, but we kind of stumbled on writing "Josephís Lullaby." The irony is when I originally wrote the song, it was called "Maryís Lullaby." I wrote it from Maryís standpoint and it was in a higher key, a real falsetto, and it just wasnít right. One day, the producerís wife said, "Well, itís kind of odd that youíre singing from Maryís perspective, being the guy. Why donít you do Joseph?"
Bart Millard

I would say that God is much bigger than all of this. Iíve been through difficult times where it just seems like hope is nowhere to be found, but those are some of the greater moments where we run to Christ a little faster and hang on a little tighter. Through the hardest times in life, I hope people turn to him and realize heís still a sovereign God; heís in control.
Bart Millard

I was working in a church in Florida as a youth intern, which means I really didn't do much other than staple stuff. I'm from Dallas, Texas, and every time my grandmother would call-she would call me any time of the day-I'd be home answering the phone. She was like, "What do you do all day?" and sarcastically I would say, "Well, I'm trying to chalk off the next year to spend time finding a band name." And she said, "Well mercy me, why don't you get a real job?" I thought, "Wait a minute. That's the perfect name." That kind of freed up my year but that's where the name came from.
Bart Millard (about band name)

Bart, our lead singer, writes 99% of the lyrics. Nathan, our bass player, also has written a couple of songs for us and we all pitch in a little bit. Musically, it's usually a team effort. There have been a few songs where Bart's been inspired and written at home on his own on his piano, but for the most part the band all pitches in for music and Bart writes most of the lyrics.

It's hard to describe because people that are familiar with our stuff from the past will hear our influence. Obviously the lead vocals sound the same, but a lot of the other stuff is totally different because we were able to do more production-wise. You can hear anything from U2, Delirious, even maybe Sarah McLachlan influences, but it's not one particular style you could describe. I don't know. [laughs] I guess you'll just have to buy the album at Family Christian Stores to find out!

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