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Eldon Wayne "El Duce" Hoke (drums, vocals)
Eric "Sickie Wifebeater" Carlson (guitar)
Steve "Dr. Heathen Scum" Broy (bass)
Ed "Poppa Sneaky Spermshooter" Danky (bass)
Jeff Dahl (bass)
Jack Shit (bass)
Zippy (bass)
Rick "Insect On Acid" Lomas (drums, vocals)
Brian "Gumby" Gunter (vocals)
Clark "Moosedick" Savage (drums)
El Rapo (vocals)
Sickie J. (guitar)

Associated Acts:
Jesters of Destiny
Northwest Breeders
Kill Allen Wrench

Also Called:
The Church of El Duce

Hardcore Punk
Heavy Metal

Formed: In 1976 in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Debut Album: Get Up and Die AKA The Trash Bag EP (1982)

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