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Massacre Quotes

Massacre Quotes

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Massacre (USA Rock) Quotes

I come from a relatively musical family; my father was a pianist-not professional, but he played a lot-and we all liked music, so I started violin lessons at the age of five, kind of abandoned it at the age of thirteen when I changed schools and didn't like the new teacher... I'd become more interested in the guitar at that point. My eldest brother was very much into jazz, so at home I could hear Django Reinhardt, people like that. My next brother was a total pop fanatic-and still is-and so I could hear Johnny Ray, and whatever was going on in the Fifties pop world, and my father was listening to Bartok, Delius and Debussy. He was very much into early twentieth century classical music, but also very curious about whatever was going on in the classical world. I was taken to see Yehudi Menuhin when I was very young, and I also saw Britten's "War Requiem" in York Minster, which made a deep impression on me. Being somewhere between those three polarities, I took a little bit of everything.
Fred Frith

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