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Mason Jennings Quotes

Mason Jennings Quotes

We play a lot of football and a lot of other sports, pretty much everyday.

Yea, I was a cook for about 7 years, rolling burritos in Uptown.

Iíd love to see Bob Marley and Johnny Cash do a co-bill and it would probably be at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul.

I really like playing with Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing. He was cool. He opened up some shows for us. I liked playing with G. Love, heís amazing. God Damn, it was like the best live I had ever seen.

It usually changes every different show. Depends on, like in rock clubs its fun to play some of the more rockiní stuff, like ďThe Mountain,Ē but in theaters is fun to play more solo stuff a lot too.

Well we usually just try to do a mix from all the albums so if somebody just has one they donít get bummed out that they donít hear anything from that record, then a couple songs youíll only hear live. Just kind of wing it you know? And sometimes on a tour youíll get with a set-list you like and you kind of just stick with that.

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