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Martina McBride Profile

Martina McBride Profile

Birth Name: Martina Mariea Schiff

Birth Date: July 29th, 1966

Birth Place: Sharon, Kansas


5' 3" (160 cm)


John McBride (May 15 1988 - present)

Daryl and Jeanne Schiff

Siblings: Steve Schiff & Martin Schiff

Delaney Katharine (Born Dec. 22nd, 1994)
Emma Justine (Born March 29th, 1998)
Ava Rose Kathleen (Born June 20th, 2005).

Debut Album: The Time Has Come (1992)

Breakthrough Singles:
"The Time Has Come" (1992)
"My Baby Loves Me" (1993)
"Life #9" (1994)
"Safe In The Arms Of Love" (1996)
"Wild Angels" (1997)
"A Broken Wing" (1997)
"Wrong Again" (1999)
"I Love You" (1999)
"This One's For The Girls" (2003)

Did You Know:
She was a nerd as a child, reading a lot and wearing glasses.

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