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Martha and the Vandellas Discography

Martha and the Vandellas Discography

Release Date: 1974

1. Come and Get These Memories
2. (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave
3. Quicksand
4. Dancing in the Street
5. In My Lonely Room
6. Nowhere to Run
7. You've Been in Love Too Long
8. My Baby Loves Me
9. I'm Ready for Love 10. Jimmy Mack
11. Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone
12. Honey Chile
13. I Can't Dance to That Music You're Playin'
14. (We've Got) Honey Love
15. Forget Me Not
16. I Gotta Let You Go
17. Bless You
18. In and Out of My Life

Natural Resources
Release Date: 1970

1. Something
2. Easily Persuaded
3. Didn't We
4. I'm in Love (And I Know It)
5. Love, Guess Who 
6. Everybody's Talkin'
7. Put a Little Love in Your Heart
8. The Hurt Is Over (Since I've Found You)
9. Take a Look Around
10. Won't It Be So Wonderful

Sugar n' Spice
Release Date: 1969

1. Taking My Love (And Leaving Me)
2. Shoe Leather Expressway
3. You're the Loser Now
4. I'm a Winner
5. What Now My Love
6. Soul Appeal 
7. Loneliness Is a Lonely Feelin'
8. I Love the Man
9. It Ain't Like That
10. I Can't Get Along Without You
11. Heartless
12. I Hope That You Have Better Luck Than I Did

Ridin' High
Release Date: 1968

1. I Promise to Wait My Love
2. Honey Chile
3. (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me
4. Leave It in the Hands of Love
5. Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone
6. I'm in Love (And I Know It) 
7. To Sir With Love
8. Forget Me Not
9. (We've Got) Honey Love
10. I Say a Little Prayer
11. Show Me the Way

Release Date: 1966

1. I'm Ready for Love
2. One Way Out
3. Jimmy Mack
4. Let This Day Be
5. Keep It Up
6. Happiness Is Guaranteed 
7. I'll Follow You
8. No More Tearstained Make Up
9. Go Ahead and Laugh
10. What Am I Going to Do Without Your Love
11. Tell Me I'll Never Be Alone
12. He Doesn't Love Her Anymore

Dance Party
Release Date: 1965

1. Dancing in the Street
2. Dancing Slow
3. Wild One
4. Nowhere to Run
5. Nobody'll Care
6. There He Is (At My Door) 
7. Mobile Lil the Dancing Witch
8. Dance Party
9. Motoring
10. The Jerk
11. Mickey's Monkey
12. Hitch Hike

Heat Wave
Release Date: 1963

1. (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave
2. Then He Kissed Me
3. Hey There Lonely Boy
4. More
5. Danke Schoen
6. If I Had a Hammer 
7. Hello Stranger
8. Just One Look
9. Wait Till My Bobby Gets Home
10. My Boyfriend's Back
11. Mockingbird

Come and Get These Memories
Release Date: 1963

1. Come and Get These Memories
2. Can't Get Use to Losing You
3. Moments (To Remember)
4. This Is When I Need You Most
5. A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Everyday)
6. Tears on My Pillow 
7. To Think You Would Hurt Me
8. There He Is (At My Door)
9. I'll Have to Let Him Go
10. Give Him Up
11. Jealous Lover
12. Old Love (Let's Try It Again)

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