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Mars Volta Quotes

That’s the whole reason we make music. We’re completely selfish and narcissistic

We’re not really that far off the mark with stuff that’s coming up from the underground... I don’t know where we fit really

“One good thing about having rules for this band at least, it’s like learn the piece so you can unlearn it live and it’ll keep you more interested. If any restrictions come up its just for some sort of discipline and really getting to know the material so you can let it fly and show that you do like it being a little chaotic.?

We're slowly starting to get used to playing the songs and get used to playing in general because we haven't really played in a tour situation, when you wake up and you have to start the whole day concentrating on playing at the end of the night and then doing the same thing over and over again. It's kind of hard to get adjusted when you had so much time off. But its fun, it beats flipping burgers.

Yes, and the way it becomes lasting is if we ignore everyone's input, if we ignore fans and websites and message boards and labels and girlfriends. You have to be pure in your intent and focused in what you do or else it is just going to be watered down compromised art.

It is easy because you just paint with words and sometimes the magic of the interpretation of something is just by the way it looks, not so much the immediate understanding. I'm not afraid to admit that we like to make the listener work a little for what they want to get out of it because then it is going to last a lot longer. It's not just candy.

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