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Make Up Quotes

Make Up Quotes

Before this, another part of our recording process was kind of this disinclination to structure our songs very much, because, as I always say, we're really inspired by gospel music's form, and one thing that's central to a lot of gospel music is its openendedness. So yeah, we were definitely much more conscious about songwriting on this record.
Another thing is I think that live there's this kind of intensity that you can get. There's a dynamic intensity in shrieking and chanting, which is really lost on record. When people scream all over their record it typically has very little power. That was another thing that we came to terms with. 
Ian Svenonius

I love lyrics. I've always been averse to the straight lyric idea. I guess a big part of it is, that songs that are literary always turn me off. Because they feel so abstract. Like a song. What is a song? We have to remember what the function of a concert and the function of playing a song for people are. It's all become really abstracted. 
Ian Svenonius

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