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The Lurkers Quotes

The Lurkers Quotes

The band started in 1976 in west london and signed to beggers banquet. Our first release Shadow /Love Story was the first ever record on that label. We were influenced by New York Dolls, Ramones, 60's beat groups and 70's glam music. 
Peter Arthur "Arturo Bassick" Billingsly

High point. in 1990 we got record of the week for our LP Powerjive in Bravo magazine the biggest selling mag in Germany.
Low point - a few , vans breaking down in snow drifts, gigs with no PA booked , Brain Dead rommoters who expect you to sleep in some filthy heroin den (coz ,zey say zat ist punk rock). belive me it's happend.
Peter Arthur "Arturo Bassick" Billingsly

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