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Lole y Manuel Quotes

Lole y Manuel Quotes

Of course, you can tell that I come from the Lole and Manuel school. I did 'Nana de la cebolla' ('Onion Lullaby') by Miguel Hernández and lyrics by other authors. I sing alegrías, slow bulerías, more flamenco bulerías... With the voices of my daughter Alba Molina and my mother (La Negra) I do a flamenco Arab song called 'Tercera generación' ('Third Generation'). Along those lines is also 'Niña hermosa' ('Beautiful Girl').
Dolores Montoya

Lole and Manuel set the doors wide open. Flamenco fusion came afterwards. Lole and Manuel have made a kind of music that still isn't understood. There are thousands of musical details to be discovered in our repertoire. We brought innovation, personal creations, we created a school...
Dolores Montoya

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