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Live Wire Discography

Live Wire Discography

Changes Made
Release Date: 1981

1. Changes Made
2. Child's Eye
3. Sleep
4. Don't Look Now
5. Running 
6. Soundtrack
7. Anarchists in Love
8. Power
9. Wait in the Shadows
10. Burn

No Fright
Release Date: 1980

1. Don't Bite the Hand
2. Competition
3. Broken Glass
4. Break Day
5. Castle in Ever Swiss Cottage 
6. One More Show
7. First Night Every Night
8. Tagesschau
9. No Fright
10. Red Light Is On

Pick It Up
Release Date: 1979

A1 Hit & Run Driver 3:30
A2 Money 3:04
A3 Thinking of You 3:26
A4 Water Into Wine 3:26
A5 Lone Car Cruising 6:10
B1 Hey Good Looking 4:03
B2 Superstitious 3:11
B3 Weaving 2:53
B4 Paid in Smiles 3:47
B5 Hard They Come Up 5:05

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