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Lil Wayne Quotes

Yeah. It's sort of like a war for me when he cuts the music on. It's sort of like a fight, I just start fightin' with the words. I don't need a tablet [of paper]. If I had a tablet, I'd get beat up.
Lil Wayne

What happens is that Baby will call me and he'll already have like 10 songs already done by Mannie and he'll just give 'em to me and let me go from there. Like Mannie does beats like rappers do songs. You know how 2Pac kept recording? Or how like a rapper nowadays will keep recordings? Mannie does beats like that, he keeps doing beats. So he has beats for anything. He just does 'em and then I come in and kill it.
Lil Wayne

...itís almost natural because when youíre an artist you know what you want. And then if youíre able to mentally turn that into being a CEO, now you know what the artist wants. Thatís kinda how I did it.
Lil Wayne

I mean my first artist, his name is Real: R-E-A-L. How I found him, I was in the mall shoppin' and he walked up to me. He didn't even say his name, he didn't say hello, the guy just started singin'. And I was like 'Damn!'
Lil Wayne

Uh-uh. I'd be too high for that.
Lil Wayne

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