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Le Tigre Quotes

Le Tigre Quotes

We’re updating the old stuff and making new stuff. We’re adding some new stuff, like lighting; we’ve never had a lighting designer before. That’s one of the things that has been nice about the video; when we were playing in really low-budget situations, the video always made it look pretty crisp and interesting. Now we’re just taking it to the next level and using lighting and choreography more.
Kathleen Hanna

We hired a choreographer to help us work on some dances for full songs, instead of just little parts. Also, we’re going to be wearing new outfits.
JD Samson

Some of it is a natural outgrowth of punk-rock philosophies about there not being a strict barrier between audience and performer. But I also think our first record was revealing of the process we use to make music and it was, in some ways, intended to give the message that, “You can do this too. We learned how to use these samplers, and so can you.” So there was something inviting about it.
Johanna Fateman

To go back to what you were saying about the new material for the live show, in the past year we’ve played a couple of larger festivals and shows, and we’re thinking about how we can maintain that vibe -- for lack of a better word -- of our band in a larger venue. How can you make it feel intimate, where everyone is important and everybody is invited to be part of what’s happening, when there are more people, a physically bigger space, and you’re farther away?
Johanna Fateman

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