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Leni Stern Quotes

Leni Stern Quotes

I am a guitar player and singer living in New York but I was born in Munich, Germany. I came to America actually to study Film Scoring because I worked as an actress and a musician in Munich. I worked in television and film because I was just in that scene and so I came to America to study at Berklee College of Music because they have a great program and I met Michael Stern while I was doing that…
Leni Stern

The great thing about Jazz is that it encourages the individualistic expression of your own voice, the creation of your own environment and style. That really is a part of Jazz but I have to say that lately what I have wanted to hear is one World Music instrument for lack of a better word, one instrument that is not tempered tuning, like we do on my record “Love Comes Quietly”. 
Leni Stern

I think that having had cancer and surviving it has made me more reckless. I might have been more careful being called a Jazz artist and risked being called a “chick singer” or a James Taylor wannabe. I might have been more careful going out and deciding not to have a manager and starting a record label, but this is the music that I hear and you know what, I may die tomorrow so why don’t I record it today. That obviously comes out of a brush with death and that’s definitely what happened.
Leni Stern

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