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Lemar Quotes

Lemar Quotes

Yes it can be, but when I'm on tour I don't tend to spend time writing because I like to focus that energy on performance and experimenting on stage. When the tour is finished I'll get time for the studio and that is the stage where I'm creative and focus on writing. That for me is the most wonderful time.

Oh I am! It's a little crazy at the moment. I'm performing in the evenings and doing interviews and promo stuff for the releases during the day - every moment is taken up! It's all good though, I'm enjoying it and wouldn't have it any other way than to be busy, I love this life.

Oh I always have time for my lady fans! Seriously though, I have a lovely girlfriend so there is nothing to report from the hotel rooms.

I think my fans will really enjoy it, I have put my best into it and the flavour is very genuine. I got to work with some of the best in the business, some of the finest producers and engineers. Before I started recording I went to LA and met up with various people I thought could help make this a fantastic album - I think I've been successful.

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