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Kurtis Blow Discography

Kurtis Blow Discography

Back By Popular Demand 
Release Date: 1988

A1 Back By Popular Demand 5:24 
A2 Only the Strong Survive 6:01 
A3 I'm True To This 3:24 
A4 Get On Up 2:23 
A5 Suckers in the Place 4:41 
B1 Love Don't Love Nobody 4:08 
B2 Still On The Scene 4:32 
B3 Express Yourself 3:50 
B4 Blue Iguana 3:57 
B5 I'm Feeling Good 6:10 

Kingdom Blow 
Release Date: 1986

A1 Street Rock (feat. Bob Dylan) 8:53 
A2 The Bronx 3:50 
A3 Unity Party Jam 4:21 
A4 Sunshine 4:11 
B1 Magilla Gorilla (feat. George Clinton) 5:45 
B2 I'm Chillin' 5:27 
B3 Kingdom Blow 4:05 
B4 Reasons For Wanting You 5:44 

Release Date: 1985

A1 America 6:17 
A2 America Dub Mix 2:45 
A3 Super Sperm 1:16 
A4 AJ Meets Davy DMX 6:37 
A5 Hello Baby (feat. Brenda K. Starr, Danny Harris, Davy DMX, Lyonne & Tashan) 6:45 
B1 If I Ruled the World (feat. Alyson Williams, Danny Harris, Fonda Rae & Lisa Fischer) 7:10 
B2 Respect to the King 1:57 
B3 AJ Is Cool (feat. Alyson Williams, Fonda Rae & Lisa Fischer) 5:51 
B4 Summertime Groove 5:44 
B5 MC Lullaby 0:28 
B6 Don't Cha Feel Like Making Love (feat. Alyson Williams, Danny Harris, Fonda Rae, Lisa Fischer & Tashan) 4:16 

Ego Trip 
Release Date: 1984

A1 8 Million Stories (feat. Run-D.M.C.) 7:45 
A2 AJ Scratch 5:45 
A3 Basketball 6:22 
B1 Under Fire 7:23 
B2 I Can't Take It No More 4:12 
B3 Ego Trip 5:35 
B4 Fallin' Back In Love Again 5:20 

Release Date: June 15th, 1981

A1 The Deuce 
A2 It's Getting Hot 
A3 Getaway 
B1 Starlife 
B2 Take It to the Bridge 
B3 Do the Do 
B4 Rockin' 

Kurtis Blow 
Release Date: September 29th, 1980 

A1 Rappin' Blow (part 2) 
A2 The Breaks 
A3 Way Out West 
B1 Throughout Your Years 
B2 Hard Times 
B3 All I Want Is This Girl 
B4 Takin' Care of Business 

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