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Kirk Franklin Quotes

Kirk Franklin Quotes

“We don't have fans, we have friends. And when you look at them as friends, everybody (is) coming together for the same purpose, just getting excited about our faith.”

“I wanted to create a label that is very youth friendly, very urban, and a label that reflects Christ to the culture,”

“[Franklin has long been a Wonder fan. Working on the song] Why, ... very Stevie-ish ... I flew to Los Angeles to let him hear it. He liked it and wanted to be on it.”

“continuation of me striving to be right spiritually. The assumption is that a person who does Christian music is automatically connected (to God). That's so untrue ... I hope this music is a reflection of the connection I have. I'm very proud to be a Christian.”

“It's what I like to call the horizontal Jesus. Vertical Jesus are the songs that say 'Lord I love you, Lord I praise you, Lord I thank you' and horizontal is 'I'm in a situation. This is the problem. How can I apply that now horizontally?' There are more problems in the world because he's not being applied horizontally.”

“The world is always waiting for someone to save the day, make things better. We've lost hope in politics, preachers. … As a child of God, I just believe that Jesus is our hero, he is the one that came to save man's life, to save man's soul, to restore people back to themselves with a love that's real – an unconditional sacrificial love.”

“When I was taught truth, that's when I got my freedom.”

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