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The Kingston Trio Discography

From the Album Live At The Crazy Horse (1994) Do it eBay!
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Live At The Crazy Horse
  1. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  2. Three Jolly Coachmen
  3. Chilly Winds
  4. Reuben James
  5. Gypsy Rose And I Don't Give A Curse
  6. The Work Song
  7. Rolling River
  8. M.T.A.
  9. Jocko And The Trapeze Lady
  10. They Call The Wind Maria
  11. Ann
  12. High Heeled Shoes
  13. Hawaiian Nights
  14. A Worried Man
  15. The Way Old Friends Do
  16. The Reverend Mr. Black

From the Album Looking For The Sunshine (1983) Do it eBay!
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  1. Looking For The Sunshine
  2. Hawaiian Nights
  3. I Like To Hear The Rain
  4. Big Ship Glory
  5. Sometimes Love Is Better When It's Gone
  6. I'm A Rake And Ramblin' Boy
  7. The World Needs A Melody
  8. The Long Black Veil
  9. Will You Love Me If I Don't Do Coke?
  10. Cortelia Clark
  11. Rollin' Stone
  12. Easy To Arrange

From the Album Aspen Gold (1981) Do it eBay!
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  1. A Worried Man
  2. Greenback Dollar
  3. Reuben James
  4. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  5. I'm Going Home
  6. Aspen Gold
  7. Early Mornin' Rain
  8. Scotch And Soda
  9. M.T.A.
  10. Tom Dooley
  11. Longest Beer Of The Night

From the Album The World Needs A Melody (1973) Do it eBay!
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  1. The World Needs A Melody
  2. Grandma's Feather Bed
  3. Nellie

From the Album Once Upon A Time (1969) Do it eBay!
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  1. Hard Travelin'
  2. Early Mornin' Rain
  3. M.T.A.
  4. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  5. Roving Gambler / This Train
  6. The Tijuana Jail
  7. I'm Going Home
  8. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
  9. Scotch And Soda
  10. When The Saints Go Marching In
  11. One Too Many Mornings
  12. Colours
  13. Wimoweh
  14. Tom Dooley
  15. Goodnight Irene
  16. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  17. Getaway, John
  18. Ballad Of The Shape Of Things
  19. Greenback Dollar
  20. Babe, You've Been On My Mind

From the Album Children Of The Morning (1966) Do it eBay!
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Children Of The Morning
  1. Children Of The Morning
  2. Hit And Run
  3. When You've Been Away For A Long Time
  4. Lei Pakalana
  5. Gaze On Other Heavens
  6. A Taste Of Honey
  7. Norwegian Wood
  8. Put Your Money Away
  9. Lock All The Windows
  10. Less Of Me
  11. The Spinnin' Of The World
  12. A Little Soul Is Born

From the Album Somethin' Else (1965) Do it eBay!
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  1. Parchment Farm Blues
  2. Early Mornin' Rain
  3. Where Are You Going Little Boy?
  4. Interchangeable Love
  5. Last Thing On My Mind
  6. Go Tell Roger
  7. Red River Shore
  8. Verandah Of Millium August
  9. They Are Gone
  10. Long Time Blues
  11. Dancing Distance
  12. Runaway Song

From the Album Stay Awhile (1965) Do it eBay!
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Stay Awhile
  1. Hanna Lee
  2. Three Song
  3. Gonna Go Down The River
  4. Rusting In The Rain
  5. Dooley
  6. If I Had A Ship
  7. Yes, I Can Feel It
  8. Bottle Of Wine
  9. Stories Of Old
  10. (I Can't Help But Wonder) Where I'm Bound
  11. If You See Me Go
  12. Stay Awhile

From the Album Nick-Bob-John (1964) Do it eBay!
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  1. Midnight Special
  2. Love's Been Good To Me
  3. Poverty Hill
  4. Some Day Soon
  5. Gotta Travel On
  6. Hope You Understand
  7. Little Play Soldiers
  8. Love Comes A Trickling Down
  9. My Ramblin' Boy
  10. More Poems
  11. Farewell (Fare Thee Well My Own True Love)
  12. I'm Going Home

From the Album Back In Town (1964) Do it eBay!
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Back In Town
  1. Georgia Stockade
  2. Ann
  3. Ah, Woe, Ah, Me
  4. Walkin' This Road To My Town
  5. World I Used To Know
  6. Salty Dog
  7. Let's Get Together
  8. Isle In The Water
  9. Farewell Captain
  10. Tom Dooley
  11. Them Poems
  12. So Hi

From the Album Time To Think (1963) Do it eBay!
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Time To Think
  1. The Patriot Game
  2. Coal Tattoo
  3. Hobo's Lullaby
  4. Seasons In The Sun
  5. These Seven Men
  6. Ally, Ally Oxen Free
  7. Deportee
  8. No One To Talk My Troubles To
  9. If You Don't Look Around
  10. Turn Around
  11. Song For A Friend
  12. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

From the Album Sunny Side! (1963) Do it eBay!
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Sunny Side!
  1. Desert Pete
  2. Marcelle Vahine
  3. Sing Out
  4. Ballad Of The Thresher
  5. Blowin' In The Wind
  6. Goo Ga Gee
  7. Jackson
  8. Two-Ten, Six-Eighteen
  9. Those Brown Eyes
  10. Those Who Are Wise
  11. Rider

From the Album #16 (1963) Do it eBay!
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  1. The Reverend Mr. Black
  2. Road To Freedom
  3. River Run Down
  4. Big Ball In Town
  5. One More Round
  6. Oh Joe Hannah
  7. Run The Ridges
  8. Try To Remember
  9. Mark Twain
  10. Low Bridge
  11. Ballad Of The Quiet Fighter
  12. La Bamba

From the Album New Frontier (1962) Do it eBay!
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New Frontier
  1. Greenback Dollar
  2. Some Fool Made A Soldier Of Me
  3. To Be Redeemed
  4. Honey, Are You Mad At Your Man?
  5. Adios, Farewell
  6. Poor Ellen Smith
  7. My Lord, What A Mornin'
  8. The Long Black Veil
  9. Genny Glenn
  10. The First Time
  11. Dogie's Lament
  12. The New Frontier

From the Album Something Special (1962) Do it eBay!
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Something Special
  1. Brown Mountain Light
  2. One More Town
  3. O Willow Waly
  4. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  5. Little Boy
  6. Strange Day
  7. Away Rio
  8. Pullin' Away
  9. She Was Too Good To Me
  10. Jane, Jane, Jane
  11. Portland Town
  12. Old Joe Clark

From the Album College Concert (1962) Do it eBay!
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College Concert
  1. Little Light
  2. Coplas Revisited
  3. Chilly Winds
  4. Oh, Miss Mary
  5. Laredo
  6. O Ken Karanga
  7. Young Roddy McCorley
  8. M.T.A.
  9. Five Hundred Miles
  10. Ballad Of The Shape Of Things
  11. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
  12. Goin' Away For To Leave You

From the Album Close-Up (1961) Do it eBay!
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  1. Coming From The Mountains
  2. Oh, Sail Away
  3. Take Her Out Of Pity
  4. Don't You Weep, Mary
  5. The Whistling Gypsy
  6. O Ken Karanga
  7. Jesse James
  8. Glorious Kingdom
  9. When My Love Was Here
  10. Karu
  11. Weeping Willow
  12. Reuben James

From the Album Goin' Places (1961) Do it eBay!
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Goin' Places
  1. You're Gonna Miss Me
  2. Pastures Of Plenty
  3. Coast Of California
  4. It Was A Very Good Year
  5. Guardo El Lobo
  6. Razors In The Air
  7. Billy Goat Hill
  8. This Land Is Your Land
  9. Run Molly, Run
  10. Senora
  11. Lemon Tree
  12. You Don't Knock

From the Album Make Way (1961) Do it eBay!
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Make Way
  1. En El Agua
  2. Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
  3. The Jug Of Punch
  4. Bonny Hielan' Laddie
  5. Uta Wena
  6. Hard Travelin'
  7. Hangman
  8. Speckled Roan
  9. The River Is Wide
  10. Oh, Yes, Oh!
  11. Blow The Candle Out
  12. Blue Eyed Gal

From the Album The Last Month Of The Year (1960) Do it eBay!
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The Last Month Of The Year
  1. Bye, Bye, Thou Little Tiny Child
  2. The White Snows Of Winter
  3. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  4. All Through The Night
  5. Goodnight, My Baby
  6. Go Where I Send Thee
  7. Follow Now, O Shepherds
  8. Somerset Gloucestershire Wassail
  9. Mary Mild
  10. A Round About Christmas (Please Put A Penny In The Old Man's Hat)
  11. Sing We Noel
  12. The Last Month Of The Year

From the Album String Along (1960) Do it eBay!
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String Along
  1. Bad Man's Blunder
  2. The Escape Of Old John Webb
  3. When I Was Young
  4. Leave My Woman Alone
  5. This Mornin', This Evenin', So Soon
  6. Everglades
  7. Buddy, Better Get On Down The Line
  8. South Wind
  9. Who's Gonna Hold Her Hand
  10. To Morrow
  11. Colorado Trail
  12. Tattooed Lady

From the Album Sold Out (1960) Do it eBay!
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Sold Out
  1. El Matador
  2. The Mountains O' Mourne
  3. Don't Cry, Katie
  4. Tanga Tika
  5. With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
  6. Carrier Pigeon
  7. Bimini
  8. Raspberries, Strawberries
  9. Mangwani Mpulele
  10. With You, My Johnny
  11. The Hunter
  12. Farewell, Adelita

From the Album Here We Go Again (1959) Do it eBay!
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Here We Go Again
  1. Molly Dee
  2. Across The Wide Missouri
  3. Haul Away
  4. The Wanderer
  5. 'Round About The Mountain
  6. Oleanna
  7. The Unfortunate Miss Bailey
  8. San Miguel
  9. E Inu Tatou E (Drinking Song)
  10. Rollin' Stone
  11. Goober Peas
  12. A Worried Man

From the Album At Large (1959) Do it eBay!
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At Large
  1. M.T.A.
  2. All My Sorrows
  3. Blow Ye Winds
  4. Corey, Corey
  5. The Seine
  6. I Bawled
  7. Good News
  8. Getaway, John
  9. The Long Black Rifle
  10. Early In The Mornin'
  11. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  12. Remember The Alamo

From the Album Stereo Concert (1959) Do it eBay!
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  1. Banua
  2. Three Jolly Coachmen
  3. South Coast
  4. Coplas
  5. They Call The Wind Maria
  6. Zombie Jamboree
  7. Tom Dooley
  8. The Merry Minuet
  9. Raspberries, Strawberries
  10. When The Saints Go Marching In

From the Album ...From The "Hungry i" (1959) Do it eBay!
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...From The
  1. Tic, Tic, Tic
  2. Gue Gue
  3. Dorie
  4. South Coast
  5. Zombie Jamboree
  6. Wimoweh
  7. New York Girls
  8. They Call The Wind Maria
  9. The Merry Minuet
  10. Shady Grove / Lonesome Traveler
  11. When The Saints Go Marching In

From the Album The Kingston Trio (1958) Do it eBay!
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The Kingston Trio
  1. Three Jolly Coachmen
  2. Bay Of Mexico
  3. Banua
  4. Tom Dooley
  5. Fast Freight
  6. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  7. Saro Jane
  8. Sloop John B
  9. Santy Anno
  10. Scotch And Soda
  11. Coplas
  12. Little Maggie

Miscellaneous Songs:
  • Adieu To My Island
  • All The Good Times
  • Allentown Jail
  • Blue Tattoo
  • C'mon Betty Home
  • Come Along, Julie
  • Come Gather The Time
  • Como Se Viene, Se Va
  • Coo Coo U
  • Darlin' Are You Dreaming
  • Folksinger's Song
  • Four Strong Winds
  • Green Grasses
  • Home From The Hill
  • Just Once Around The Clock
  • Lion In The Winter
  • Love Has Gone
  • Mary Was Pretty
  • Nothing More To Look Forward To
  • Oh, Cindy
  • Old Kentucky Land
  • Pay Me My Money Down
  • Rocky
  • Ruby Red
  • Running Out Of Tomorrows
  • Sail Away, Ladies
  • Sally, Don't You Grieve
  • Sea Fever
  • Texas Across The River
  • The Golden Spike
  • The Wines Of Madeira
  • The World's Last Authentic Playboys
  • Thirsty Boots

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