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The Kids Discography

The Kids Discography

Norske jenter 
Release Date: 1980

Norske jenter
Nye klær
Rock n Roll
The Kids er ålreit
Forelska i lærern
En liten pike

The Kids (Belgium) Discography

Release Date: 1985

1. Fooling Yourself 
2. Boring Man 
3. Tonight 
4. Pull Me Up 
5. Loneliness 
6. In The Heat Of The Night 
7. Hometown 
8. Break Away 
9. Dot It Now 

If The Kids....
Release Date: 1982

1. Tonight 
2. Rider In The Night 
3. Another World 
4. Driving So Long 
5. Dancing 
6. Rock Over Belgium 
7. It's Only Natural 
8. Do You Wanna Know 
9. Wild Days Are Over 
10. There Will Be No Next Time 
11. If The Kids Are United 

Black Out
Release Date: 1981

1. Johnny's On The Dole 
2. Tomorrow 
3. Lonely Man 
4. There Will Be No Next Time 
5. Lone Rider 
6. Wild Days Are Over 
7. Spend The Night With Me 
8. Innocent Girls 
9. Don't Say No 
10. My Only Love 
11. It Doesn't Matter Baby 
12. Another World 

Release Date: 1979

1. Tonight 
2. Leave Me Alone 
3. Do You Wanna Know 
4. So Cruel To Me 
5. I'm Your Mirror 
6. Something Better To Do 
7. Queen Of Spades 
8. Some Day 
9. Here They Come 
10. Dance The Night Away 
11. Sorrow 
12. Louie, Louie 

Release Date: 1978

1. Jesus Christ (Didn't Exist) 
2. Don't Wanna Be A Fat Boy 
3. We Are The Prisoners 
4. No Monarchy 
5. Through The Night 
6. Dead Industry 
7. Run Away 
8. Razor Blade For Sale 
9. Sixteen 
10. Naughty Boy 
11. Sex Queen 
12. Rock Over Beglium 

Release Date: 1978

1. This Is Rock And Roll 
2. Do You Love The Nazis 
3. Bloody Belgium 
4. For The Fret 
5. Baby That's Alright 
6. Fascist Cops 
7. I Wanna Get A Job In The City 
8. I Don't Care 
9. I Feel Alright 
10. Old D.J.'s 
11. I'll Get You 
12. Money Is All I Need 

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