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Jurassic 5 Quotes

Jurassic 5 Quotes

We met at this spot called the Good Life where a lot of underground MC's hang. They've got a talent showcase there on Thursday nights. The Rebels of Rhythm (we) went down and performed one night. The Unity Committee performed the same night and they came up to us after the show and was like "Yo! we liked your show" and we were like "We liked yours too, maybe we could hook up for a song and stuff". The song didn't come about till about a year and a half later. Cut Chemist had came up with a beat and he hooked up with us for some lyrics on it. Rebels of Rhythm (we) were doing an old school type of flow. We had a beat that was basically old school so we done something, came back and let them hear it and then Charlie Tuna and Marc S.E.V.E.N got on it. It turned out that Unified Rebelution was the song that we did together.

Actually, Short Cut and Tuna aren’t really doing anything with Ozomatli anymore either. They’re at the [Jurassic 5] shows, and get asked about Ozomatli and they in the group [Jurassic 5], and they’re not really doing anything to stop it…..Instead of saying ‘Nah’, they say ‘Well, we do stuff’ so I dunno where they’re at.”

As far as how we do shows, we like doing it off the turntable. We've done it of a DAT and DAT is cool but I think djing's more intimate, it's everything that hip-hop is based on. Right now there are a lot of people who are screaming "this is hip-hop and this is what it is.." when they dont know nothing about how it was done. Not saying that we know everything about it but we took time out to study it and really see what's going on instead of coming out and saying that "We some Old School kids in the New School", that's ignorant so we don't do that. We're going to keep the avenues open as far as making shows better but were not gonna drop out that DJ aspect. Were gonna keep the DJ aspect up there and were going to build around that.

I mean if the brothers are getting paid! The artists who made the songs should get a percentage out of that but unfortunately a lot of them are not because they don't have the publishing on it. But when the old school heads are not getting royalties off it, that shit is sad. These brothers put their heart into stuff like that and they made something. Hip-Hop is from those brothers who started it in New York. Hip-Hop is in Australia now. It's bad for labels to put out stuff where these brothers don't see a dime from it. I like it just on the strength that all these so called hip-hop heads can get finally get a feeling of what it was really like back then, myself included I pick it up without a doubt. I definitely think it should be something to where the brothers can be compensated for the things that they did. If you're not going to respect them, you don't need to be in this, you don't have to be around. You gotta respect them. Redman, Wu-Tang and all them kids are dope and they are definitely on top but you can't say Redman can fade Flash, DJ Hollywood, Theodore and Bambatta. You can't fade them kids. Hip-Hop is universal and it started in one place and migrated around the world. That was them brothers out there doing that!

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