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Junior Senior Discography

Junior Senior Discography

Hey Hey My My Yo Yo
Release Date: September 12th, 2005

A1 Hello 0:44
A2 Hip Hop a Lula 3:13
A3 Can I Get Get Get 3:13
A4 Take My Time 3:47
A5 Itch U Can't Skratch 3:06
A6 We R the Handclaps 3:01
B1 I Like Music (W.O.S.B) 3:43
B2 Ur a Girl 3:01
B3 No No No's 3:48
B4 Dance Chance Romance 3:23
B5 Happy Rap 3:22

Boy Meets Girl
Release Date: 2003

1 Boy Meets Girl 3:45
2 Rhythm Bandits 2:42
3 Shake Me Baby 3:39
4 Cocodub 2:29
5 Move Your Feet 4:04
Boy Meets Girl (Video) 
Move Your Feet (Video) 
Dynamite (Live) (Video) 
Chicks and Dicks (Live) (Video) 
Good Girl, Bad Boy (Live) (Video) 
The Delta Lab Diary (Video)

D-D-Don't Don't Stop The Beat
Release Date: 2002

1 Go Junior, Go Senior 2:57
2 Rhythm Bandits 2:51
3 Move Your Feet 3:00
4 Chicks and Dicks 2:32
5 Shake Your Coconuts 2:26
6 Boy Meets Girl 3:45
7 C'mon 3:11
8 Good Girl, Bad Boy 2:37
9 Shake Me Baby 3:38
10 Dynamite 2:55
11 White Trash 3:01
12 Coconuts (Movie Edit) 2:37
13 Move Your Feet (Live) 4:02

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