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Josh Kelley Quotes

Josh Kelley Quotes

“A lot of people think John Mayer is, but I don’t think so – we’re two totally different dudes. Some people would say Dave Matthews, some people would say Jason Mraz, but I really don’t know. Once people hear the second record, I think that every comparison that’s been made will totally just fall out the window.”

…“I think that hardly anybody knows that I play all the instruments myself.” Common Josh, we want something a little more juicy… “Ok, something that nobody knows, totally juicy, that has to be G-Rated?” No, it doesn’t have to be G, we’re all adults here Josh, “Oh really. Oh well I’m a massive pothead.” Really? “No. I am actually…”

“It’s definitely the success of my first single (Amazing). It’s very rare that a new artist has a major hit. Amazing was the 7th biggest song of 2003. The weird thing is it’s still strong now. It won’t friggen die. Actually, Amazing just hit Number 1 here today (21 July).”

“My music’s totally different then what’s on the album. This album is more sort of Middle American kinda like Southern acoustic singer/songwriter. But I do many different styles and my music is too hard to describe because I always do different things. My music is probably best described as all over the place.”

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