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Jonah33 Quotes

Jonah33 Quotes

When I got saved I made a pact with God that I would never write anything that didn't glorify Him. Since this band got formed that's been the underlying heart of the band. It's kind of tricky. You can be so outspoken that you just become cheesy and nobody listens to you or you can be not enough outspoken that people say "what's this guy about"? It's a fine line but I think as long as we're talking to the source of creativity we can hammer it out for a few more albums.
Vince Lichlyter

Yeah, another thing is that we're real. We don't just throw Jesus in our songs so we can get played on Christian radio. It's actually our hearts cry. It's our passion. I think a lot of times that people pick up on that we're not rock stars. We're just four morons. (laughs) For some odd reason God decided to use us so we're going to be obedient.

So we're running half of the set. It's kind of weird, but he comes in halfway through the set. Right now I'm playing. I usually just sing, but now I'm playing too. It's kind of weird, but we trust that God has a plan and just go with it. This is our last show. We have two days in New York at the end of this month. We're hoping in the off time to be able to sit down and teach him the rest of the songs.
Vince Lichlyter

Let me fill you in here on this. Jonah33 is the last to find out what happens. You're going to find out that everything with Jonah33 is a huge story. Don't know why it is, but everything about us is. If you ask a question I guarantee you're going to get a 10 minute response. So here we go.
Vince Lichlyter

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