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John Coltrane Discography

John Coltrane Discography

Afro Blue Impressions
Release Date: 1977

A1 Lonnie's Lament 
A2 Naima 
A3 Chasin' the Trane 
B1 My Favorite Things 
C1 Afro Blue 
C2 Cousin Mary 
C3 I Want to Talk About You 
D1 Spiritual 
D2 Impressions

Interstellar Space
Release Date: 1974

A1 Mars 10:43
A2 Venus 8:34
B1 Jupiter 5:24
B2 Saturn 11:43

Sun Ship
Release Date: 1971

A1 Sun Ship 6:13
A2 Dearly Beloved 6:27
A3 Amen 8:16
B1 Attaining 11:27
B2 Ascent 10:04

Release Date: 1969

A1 My Favorite Things 17:31
B1 I Want to Talk About You 8:17
B2 Selflessness 14:48

Release Date: 1967

A Om, Pt. 1 15:02
B Om, Pt. 2 13:58

Kulu Sé Mama
Release Date: 1967

A1 Kulu Sé Mama (Juno Sé Mama) 18:53
B1 Vigil 9:50
B2 Welcome 5:26

Release Date: 1967

A1 Ogunde 3:39
A2 To Be 16:22
B1 Offering 8:27
B2 Expression 10:53

Release Date: 1966

A1 The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost 12:51
A2 Compassion 6:51
B1 Love 8:09
B2 Consequences 9:13
B3 Serenity 3:30

A Love Supreme 
Release Date: 1965

A1 A Love Supreme, Pt. 1: Acknowledgement 7:39
A2 A Love Supreme, Pt. 2: Resolution 7:12
B A Love Supreme, Pt. 3: Pursuance / A Love Supreme, Pt. 4: Psalm 17:40

Release Date: 1965

A Ascension [Edition I] (Part 1) 18:47
B Ascension [Edition I] (Part 2) 19:27

Release Date: 1964

A1 Crescent 
A2 Wise One 
A3 Bessie's Blues 
B1 Lonnie's Lament 
B2 The Drum Thing

Coltrane Live at Birdland
Release Date: 1964

A1 Afro-Blue 10:50
A2 I Want to Talk About You 8:11
B1 The Promise 8:11
B2 Alabama 5:13
B3 Your Lady 6:37

Black Pearls
Release Date: 1964

A1 Black Pearls 13:14
A2 Lover Come Back to Me 7:28
B Sweet Sapphire Blues 18:13

Release Date: 1963

A1 India 
A2 Up 'Gainst the Wall 
B1 Impressions 
B2 After the Rain

Release Date: 1963

1 Dakar 7:10
2 Mary's Blues 6:48
3 Route 4 6:56
4 Velvet Scene 4:54
5 Witches Pit 6:43
6 Cat Walk 7:11

Release Date: 1963

A1 Say It (Over and Over Again) 4:18
A2 You Don't Know What Love Is 5:12
A3 Too Young to Go Steady 4:23
A4 All or Nothing at All 3:38
B1 I Wish I Knew 4:54
B2 What's New 3:48
B3 It's Easy to Remember 2:47
B4 Nancy (With the Laughing Face) 3:10

Release Date: 1962

A1 Out of This World 
A2 Soul Eyes 
B1 The Inch Worm 
B2 Tunji 
B3 Miles' Mode

Coltrane Plays the Blues
Release Date: 1962

A1 Blues to Elvin 7:52
A2 Blues to Bechet 5:44
A3 Blues to You 6:24
B1 Mr. Day 7:56
B2 Mr. Syms 5:19
B3 Mr. Knight 7:30

Standard Coltrane
Release Date: 1962

1 Don't Take Your Love From Me 9:13
2 I'll Get By (As Long as I Have You) 8:09
3 Spring Is Here 6:53
4 Invitation 10:20

Settin' the Pace
Release Date: 1962

A1 I See Your Face Before Me 10:00
A2 If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You 9:23
B1 Little Melonae 14:08
B2 Rise 'n' Shine 7:14

Coltrane "Live" at the Village Vanguard
Release Date: 1962

A1 Spiritual 13:30
A2 Softly as in a Morning Sunrise 6:24
B1 Chasin' the Trane 15:55

Release Date: 1961

A1 Africa 16:26
B1 Greensleeves 9:55
B2 Blues Minor 7:20

My Favorite Things
Release Date: 1961

A1 My Favorite Things 13:44
A2 Every Time We Say Goodbye 5:43
B1 Summertime 11:35
B2 But Not for Me 9:35

Coltrane Jazz
Release Date: 1961

A1 Little Old Lady 4:26
A2 Village Blues 5:22
A3 My Shining Hour 4:52
A4 Fifth House 4:41
B1 Harmonique 4:13
B2 Like Sonny 5:53
B3 I'll Wait and Pray 3:35
B4 Some Other Blues 5:34

Olé Coltrane
Release Date: 1961

A Olé 18:16
B1 Dahomey Dance 10:52
B2 Aisha 7:38

Lush Life
Release Date: 1960

A1 Like Someone in Love 4:57
A2 I Love You 5:31
A3 Trane's Slo Blues 6:02
B1 Lush Life 13:54
B2 I Hear a Rhapsody 6:00

Giant Steps
Release Date: 1960

A1 Giant Steps 4:48
A2 Cousin Mary 5:47
A3 Countdown 2:24
A4 Spiral 6:00
B1 Syeeda's Song Flute 7:05
B2 Naima 4:26
B3 Mr. P.C 7:02

Coltrane's Sound
Release Date: 1960

A1 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes 6:45
A2 Central Park West 4:13
A3 Liberia 6:45
B1 Body and Soul 5:35
B2 Equinox 8:33
B3 Satellite 5:48

The Cats
Release Date: 1959

A1 Minor Mishap 7:26
A2 How Long Has This Been Going On 5:58
A3 Eclypso 7:57
B1 Solacium 9:10
B2 Tommy's Tune 11:58

Traneing In - John Coltrane With the Red Garland Trio
Release Date: 1958

A1 Traneing In 12:30
A2 Slow Dance 5:26
B1 Bass Blues 7:45
B2 You Leave Me Breathless 7:22
B3 Soft Lights and Sweet Music 4:40

Release Date: 1958

A1 Good Bait 12:04
A2 I Want to Talk about You 10:51
B1 You Say You Care 6:14
B2 Theme for Ernie 4:56
B3 Russian Lullaby 5:33

Blue Train
Release Date: 1958

A1 Blue Train 10:43
A2 Moment's Notice 9:10
B1 Locomotion 7:14
B2 I'm Old Fashioned 7:58
B3 Lazy Bird 7:05

Release Date: 1957

A1 Bakai 8:45
A2 Violets for Four Furs 6:10
A3 Time Was 7:24
B1 Straight Street 6:12
B2 While My lady Sleeps 8:00
B3 Chronic Blues 4:34

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