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Joe Strummer Discography

Joe Strummer Discography

Earthquake Weather
Release Date: September 20th, 1989

A1 Gangsterville 4:16
A2 King of the Bayou 2:47
A3 Island Hopping 2:34
A4 Slant Six 3:03
A5 Dizzy's Goatee 3:22
A6 Shouting Street 3:18
A7 Boogie with Your Children 3:27
B1 Leopardskin Limousines 3:28
B2 Sikorsky Parts 4:04
B3 Jewellers and Bums 2:17
B4 Highway One Zero Street 3:26
B5 Ride Your Donkey 2:16
B6 Passport to Detroit 2:48
B7 Sleepwalk 4:07

Release Date: 1987

A1 Filibustero 3:57
A2 Omotepe 3:42
A3 Sandstorm 1:56
A4 Machete 3:04
A5 Viperland 2:40
A6 Nica Libre 3:12
A7 Latin Romance 3:52
B1 The Unknown Immortal 3:45
B2 Musket Waltz 2:38
B3 The Brooding Side of Madness 3:02
B4 Tennessee Rain 2:54
B5 Smash Everything 3:21
B6 Tropic of No Return 3:09
B7 Tropic of Pico 4:26

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