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Joe Quotes

Joe Quotes

"I wanted to write an album that dealt with a lot of social issues,"

"I love the concept of "Changed Man, "'From the projects to Hollywood/To the White House from death row/From pimp to minister/From bad to good.' I always take pride in making my lyrics stand out, and that's one I'm really happy with."

"It helped me step up to another level with my finances. I started being able to buy a lot of stuff. There is a danger, though--that as an artist, when you're not used to having money and you suddenly get a whole lot, you can start spending a whole lot, and you're not guaranteed of generating that type of income forever. That's something I've learned. The reality of it is that I'm the same person who could end up in the same situation as I was in before, and that's what keeps me grounded."

"I've learned to stay consistent,"

"Don't fall asleep. There's someone right now in their crib with a little eight-track recorder, drum machine, working hard and they'll get there. As long as I keep working hard and creating good, authentic music, I know I'll be in the game."

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