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Jo Dee Messina Quotes

Jo Dee Messina Quotes

"He really tore my heart apart but he gave me some good material"

"I gave away the money advanced from my record company on my first album, I'm the type of person who likes to give. I gave to my sister. She has four little babies and bought an old house and it needed repairs."

"I was on the verge of bankruptcy. I took a year and a half to make my second album,"

"Thank heavens when the first single Bye Bye came off this album work started to pick up, then I'm Alright has taken us across the world. Radio has been very good, it has chosen to be kind to us. "

"Tim called and said 'I've written this song, it's perfect for you.' Believe it or not he dropped it off in my mail box and said 'see if you like it.' I was out of town. We recorded if after we finished the album. I had to bump a song off to fit it on. It ended up being the first single and a big hit."

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